HMI Creation with Candera Studio
- For displays on any embedded device

Candera Studio is your perfect toolkit to easily make user interfaces (UIs) for any purpose and for any embedded device. With Candera Studio you can quickly and easily create UIs that feature 2D/3D graphics, multiple languages, and multiple screens.


A Whole New Dimension of HMI Creation

HMI (Human Machine Interface)

Human Machine Interfaces (HMI) allow communication between humans (users) and machines (interfaces). A user operates a device, and the device conveys information visually or auditorily to the user. HMIs are also called "UIs (user interfaces)", and are often found in LCDs (liquid-crystal displays). There are many devices around us that use LCDs, such as printers, digital cameras, automotive instrument panels, and car navigation systems. Much of the control for these LCDs is done using HMI solutions made with software such as Candera Studio.


Why Candera Studio?

  • Anyone can Create HMIs

    Allows anyone to make HMIs

    No programming skills necessary. Just import your design and add functionality, and your HMI is ready to go.

    Allows anyone to make HMIs
  • Ease of use

    Ease of use

    Candera Studio sports not only a sleek design , but it also comes with easy-to-read documentation and various multimedia samples to help familiarize users with the tool, no matter their level of experience.

    Ease of use
  • Achieve High Performance

    High performance

    Candera Studio achieves high performance with low memory usage, short bootup time, customizable text, the latest graphics API, increased flexibility, and parallel rendering. Candera Studio also supports 64-bit environments.

    High performance
  • Versatile Development Environment


    The award-winning Smart Importer allows for the import of prototypes, as well as artwork made in Adobe Photoshop®, Adobe® XD, Axure RP, and Sketch. Candera Studio is also equipped with an original state machine, which can be easily linked with other external state machines.

  • WHO we are

    Candera is a leading HMI tool provider and development partner for worldwide automotive and industrial customers. Candera supports its customers with the Candera Studio tool environment, as well as provision of software services mainly in the areas of HMI development and embedded software. Candera GmbH in Linz, Austria and Candera America, Inc., are both subsidiaries of KAGA FEI Co., Ltd. situated in Tokyo, Japan.

  • WHAT we do

    With Candera Studio, we can help you develop HMIs even faster and more efficiently. Designs made in other graphics programs can be transformed into an HMI as is, without needing to write a single line of code. The resulting UI can then be ported to any embedded device and run with high performance.

  • HOW we do it (better)

    With Candera, all users can create fully functioning HMIs using their designs from any graphics or prototyping tool – opening the door to faster, more efficient HMI creation. We have proven we can deliver for the best of the best – for over 20 years in the automobile industry. Now we go beyond.